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  1. Die Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 (auch als Suzuki GSX 1300 R bekannt) ist ein Motorradmodell der Kategorien Sporttourer und Supersportler.. Hayabusa ist der japanische Begriff für den Wanderfalken, einen der schnellsten Greifvögel, auch als Bezeichnung für die gleichnamige japanische Raumsonde und eine Shinkansen-Linie verwendet.. Diese Maschine war das erste über 300 km/h schnelle.
  2. Hayabusa (Japanese: はやぶさ, Peregrine falcon) was a robotic spacecraft developed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to return a sample of material from a small near-Earth asteroid named 25143 Itokawa to Earth for further analysis. Hayabusa, formerly known as MUSES-C for Mu Space Engineering Spacecraft C, was launched on 9 May 2003 and rendezvoused with Itokawa in mid.
  3. GSX1300Rハヤブサ(ジーエスエックスせんさんびゃくアール ハヤブサ)はスズキが1999年から製造販売しているオートバイ(大型自動二輪車)である。. 日本向け仕様は 隼(ハヤブサ)の名称で発売されている。当初はGSX1300R Hayabusaの車名で発表され、9年にわたるモデルライフの途中、Hayabusa 1300に.
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南極大陸を除く全世界. F. p. furuitii シマハヤブサ; 日本(北硫黄島<絶滅? >) 種小名peregrinusは「外来の、放浪する」の意 。 寒冷地に分布する個体群は、冬季になると温帯域や熱帯域へ移動し越冬する 。 日本では亜種ハヤブサが周年生息(留鳥)し、冬季に亜種オオハヤブサが越冬のため. La Hayabusa (Suzuki GSX-1300R Hayabusa) es una motocicleta de Suzuki que está considerada como una de las más veloces del mundo y de mayor aceleración estrictamente de serie. A continuación hay unos datos técnicos de la versión 2008 y 2013, y mediciones de las versiones 1999 y 2001, extraídos de pruebas realizadas por prensa especializada Hayabusa the Falcon is one of the secondary antagonists of Disney's 1998 animated feature film Mulan. A foreboding predator with a hating for China, he is Shan Yu's loyal pet falcon and an integral member of the Hun Army. Hayabusa is Shan Yu's pet falcon and sidekick. The bird often acts as a warning signal, alerting China's victims that Shan Yu is near. He appears to be similar to his master.

HAYABUSA DRAWSTRING. Join our newsletter to get a free Hayabusa Drawstring Bag on your next order over $49*! Thanks for subscribing. You will receive an e-mail in the next 5 minutes with the confirmation! DON'T SHOW THIS AGAIN * LEARN MORE. The protagonist of the Ninja Gaiden series and born into the Hayabusa Ninja Clans lead family, Ryu often takes the leadership role when is father Jo is away, Ryu Hayabusa is the eponymous example of a modern-day ninja. His black falcon outfit's sleek design is reminiscent to that of the modern special ops agent; still, his tabi boots, ninja headpiece, mask, scarf, and shin/forearm guards are. La GSX1300R Hayabusa est un modèle de motocyclette du constructeur japonais Suzuki.. Hayabusa est le nom japonais qui désigne le Faucon pèlerin, l'oiseau capable d'atteindre une vitesse de plus de 300 km/h en piqué et en même temps le plus rapide de tout le règne animal. C'est aussi en hommage au célèbre avion de chasse homonyme Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa que les concepteurs de cette moto.

Hayabusa in Ninja Gaiden. At the age of 21 [citation needed], Ryu is entrusted with the Dragon Sword as his father trains in the sacred wilderness.Working under her master Murai, the 14 year old [citation needed] kunoichi, Ayane, delivers messages to Ryu via kunai scrolls, inviting him to visit his uncle in the Shadow Ninja Fortress for special training Hayabusa can refer to: Eiji Ezaki: Original Hayabusa Masashi Honda: Hayabusa II Disambiguation This disambiguation page lists articles that might otherwise share the same title. If an article link led you here, please change the link to point directly to the intended page Jin Hayabusa (ジン・ハヤブサ / 隼 仁, Hayabusa Jin?) is a ninja from the Hayabusa Ninja Clan, presumably an ancestor of Jô Hayabusa and Ryu Hayabusa, who lived in the 1600s.1 He appears as a secret boss in the Bloodshed's End DLC from Team Ninja's Nioh. 1 History 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 General 2.2 Weapons & Equipment 2.3 Ninpo 3 References Jin Hayabusa was a Dragon Ninja of the. Hayabusa (also known as Hayabusa the Falcon ) is one of the secondary antagonists (alongside the Elite Hun Soldiers ) in Disney's 36th full-length animated feature film Mulan. He is Shan Yu's pet falcon and henchman. His vocal sound effects were provided by Frank Welker, who also did the vocal sound effects of Khan, Cri-Kee, and the other animals in the same film

Hayabusa (jap. 小惑星探査機「はやぶさ」(MUSES-C), shōwakusei tansaki Hayabusa (Muses-C), dt.Asteroidensonde ‚Wanderfalke' (Muses-C), vor dem Start Muses-C genannt) war eine Raumsonde der japanischen Raumfahrtagentur JAXA, die am 9.Mai 2003 zum Asteroiden (25143) Itokawa gestartet wurde. Am 12. September 2005 erreichte die Sonde ihr Ziel und nahm dort Bodenproben Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa - sportowo-turystyczny motocykl firmy Suzuki, wprowadzony na rynek w roku 1999.Nazwa Hayabusa pochodzi od japońskiego określenia najszybszego zwierzęcia świata - sokoła wędrownego.Wyposażony jest w rzędowy czterocylindrowy silnik o pojemności 1340 cm 3 i wielokrotnie uznawany był za najszybszy seryjny motocykl świata, dopóki producent nie. Hayabusa is an Uber Rare Cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Dark Heroes and Metal Busters events. His Normal Form is the first anti-Metal unit to have the Long Distance ability. True Form gains Zombie Killer and is effective against Zombies. Evolves into Oni Hayabusa at level 10

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Hayabusa® is a global leader in the combat equipment and technical fight apparel industry with products available worldwide. Specializing in equipment and apparel items created for martial artists, boxers and fitness enthusiasts, Hayabusa is a leader in protection and performance for all fighters. History Hayabusa (pr Hayabusa was the first dog met by Amaterasu in her quest to defeat Orochi. He was found in Kamiki Village and could be fed to earn Praise. Hayabusa constantly accompanied his owner, Mushi. The pair would play games that often angered Mushi's Mama. Hayabusa is the guise name of Chu and was always referred to by his real name by the Eight Canine Warriors and Princess Fuse. The original Hayabusa.

Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa är en motorcykelmodell från Suzuki.Modellen tog vid lanseringen 1999 titeln från Honda Blackbird som världens snabbaste serieproducerade motorcykel [1], med en toppfart på 307 km/h.Endast ett fåtal mindre uppdateringar har gjorts genom åren. Namnet Hayabusa kommer från det japanska ordet för pilgrimsfalk, som störtdyker med hög fart vid jakten Hayabusa Knight 隼(はやぶさ)の騎(き)士(し) English Hayabusa Knight Chinese 隼騎士 Check translation French Chevalier Hayabusa Check translation German Hayabusa-Ritter Check translation Italian Cavaliere Hayabusa Check translation Korean 매의 기사 Check translation Portuguese Cavaleiro Hayabusa Check translation Spanish Caballero Hayabusa Check translation Japanese. A Hajabusza (magyarul Vándorsólyom) vagy Muses-C az első japán, ionhajtóművel rendelkező űrszonda, és az első nem amerikai és nem szovjet anyagminta-visszahozó küldetés.Tudományos célja a földközeli objektumok közé tartozó 25143 Itokawa kisbolygó vizsgálata. A mintavétel (bárminemű) eredményét a Földre visszaszállító kapszula 2010

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The legendary Suzuki Hayabusa is the world's fastest production sportbike. Nicknamed Busa, the GSX1300R is one of the most exciting motorcycles in the market Suzuki Cycles - Product Lines - Cycles - Products - Hayabusa - 2020 - GSX1300 Hayabusa 2 (はやぶさ2, halcón peregrino?) es una nave espacial robótica de la Agencia Japonesa de Exploración Aeroespacial con la misión de recoger muestras de material del asteroide (162173) Ryugu y traerlas a la Tierra para su análisis. La misión es sucesora de Hayabusa, que tuvo lugar entre 2003 y 2010. [1] Hayabusa 2 fue lanzada el 3 de diciembre de 2014 desde el Centro Espacial.

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Hayabusa Landed on and Took Off from Itokawa successfully ; Dia 28 de Novembro de 2005; Finalmente a sonda Hayabusa conseguiu recolher duas amostras do solo do asteroide. No dia 25 de Novembro de 2005, as 10:00 horas da noite no Japão, a sonda iniciou a sua lenta descida de 1 km em direção ao asteroide Itokawa Hayabusa (jap.: 小惑星探査機「はやぶさ」(MUSES-C) oder Hayabusa (Muses-C), ass eng Raumsond vun der japanescher Raumfaartagentur JAXA.D'Sond ass den 9.Mee 2003 op den Asteroid (25143) Itokawa gestart. Den 12.September 2005 hat si hiert Zil erreecht an huet do Buedemprouwe geholl. Nom Réckfluch, dee sech wéinst verschiddenen technesche Problemer ëm dräi Joer verréckelt hat. General Hayabusa, also known as the Demon general, is an antagonist in the manga Kacchu no Senshi Gamu. He was brought up by Gamu's mother Honou. He was a good ganin and learned swordmanship. One day, Hayabusa got caught by humans and as they were ready to shoot him, Honou jumped in front and took the bullet. She died instantly, but the episode taught Hayabusa the strong force of friendship.

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Hayabusa's screech is cut off as Mushu breathes fire all over him. Hayabusa without his feathers. Mushu: Now that's what I call Mongolian barbecue. Being ridden by Mushu. Add a photo to this gallery. Mulan. Xianniang blocks Mulan's sword attack When they find out who you are, they will show you no merc Hayabusa 2 (はやぶさ? letteralmente falco pellegrino) è una sonda automatica sviluppata dall'Agenzia Spaziale Giapponese (JAXA) con lo scopo di raggiungere l'asteroide 162173 Ryugu e prelevare dei campioni di suolo da riportare sulla Terra.Il lancio della missione, previsto per il 30 novembre 2014, è avvenuto il 3 dicembre, alle 4:22 UTC. Il 27 giugno 2018 la sonda ha raggiunto l. Statistics Hayabusa(Katana) All RacesDMG: 28 Delay: 190 Subtle Blow +1Lv. 71 NINDamage Per Second: 8.84TP Per Hit: 52 Other Uses Synthesis Recipes Smithing (88 /99 ), Goldsmithing ( ) Yield: Hayabusa x 1 HQ 1: Hayabusa +1 x 1 Fire Crystal 1 x Imperial Wootz Ingot 1 x Manta Leather 1 x.. Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa (яп. スズキ GSX1300R ハヤブサ) — мотоцикл класса спорт-тур, производится японской компанией Suzuki с 1999 года. Сразу же завоевал звание «самый быстрый серийный мотоцикл в мире» с максимальной скоростью 303—312 км/ч A költségvetés növekedése nem meglepő, mivel a Hayabusa 2-t egy H-IIA rakéta vitte a világűrbe, mely jóval nagyobb, mint az első szondánál használt M-5 hordozórakéta. Az új szonda emellett nagyobb terhet szállít és hosszabb megfigyelésre készül. Nagyjából egy évet tölt a 162173 Ryugunál, míg a Hajabusza csak.

Hayabusa 2 następnie będzie obserwowała powstały krater i pobierze próbki materii wyrzuconej spod powierzchni planetoidy. Masa pobranych próbek w sumie ma wynieść około 10 gramów [3] . Poza asystą grawitacyjną sonda przyspieszy w wyniku działania silników jonowych, które będą działać przez 600 godzin [4] 21101 Hayabusa is the 2 nd CUUSOO set based on a Japanese spacecraft released in Japan on March 1, 2012.A limited number of Hayabusa sets will be sold to all 23 countries that Shop@home services sometime this spring, making it the first CUUSOO set to be available internationally. It was the second design to reach 1000 supporters (originally 393 supporters) on the LEGO CUUSOO website, and the. ※掲載時シーズン『BEYOND』Hayabusa Landing美しい朝焼け夕焼けを拝めるColoniaの観光ステーションです。入植のため物資をコロニアに運ぶイベント「CEI」の結果、ここにTenjin Pioneersが入植しました。時間.. Location Edit. The Master Ninja mission in the Osaka (Summer) area, part of the DLC. Behaviour Edit. Missing information. Weak Spot & Tactics Edit. The rock to the left of the arena can be used to break line of sight with Jin, avoid his attacks and lure him into a trap

Hayabusa Fightwear Inc. is a fitness combat lifestyle company headquartered in Kingston, ON, Canada. The company, formed in 2006, specializes in equipment and apparel related to fitness, boxing, and martial arts, for example Boxing Gloves, Jiu Jitsu Gis, rash guards (compression shirts, shorts, and spats), and fight shorts Description: DMG:28 Delay:190 Subtle Blow+1 Image: Type: Weapon Flags: Obtainable from Goblin Box, Inscribable, Equippable Stack size: Hayabusa 2 (în japoneză はやぶさ2, literal Șoim călător 2) este o sondă spațială JAXA, a agenției spațiale japoneze, lansată în decembrie 2014, care trebuie să studieze asteroidul 162173 Ryugu din iulie 2018 până în februarie 2019 și să aducă eșantioane pe Pământ, în decembrie 2020.. Programul Hayabusa 2 continuă programul Hayabusa lansat în 2003 Info about hayabusa. info_outline. Note: This page is auto-generated for the Sony Xperia TX, based on the device's information, located here. You can find similar instructions for every officially-supported device on this wiki. warning. Warning: The Sony Xperia TX is no longer maintained. A build guide is available for developers that would. The Hayabusa armor bears a resemblance to the armor worn by feudal-era samurai.The armor is named after Ryu Hayabusa, the protagonist of the Ninja Gaiden series and a combatant in the Dead or Alive series.The helmet is almost an exact copy of the ninja of the future costume in Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox. Bungie likely created the Hayabusa armor as a tribute to Team Ninja for adding Nicole-458.

La Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa (spesso indicata come GSX 1300 R Hayabusa o semplicemente Hayabusa) è una motocicletta super sportiva presentata dalla casa motociclistica Suzuki nel 1999. Il contesto. La moto prende il nome dal falco pellegrino, l'uccello più. Background Edit This is a story of a falcon flying through the space. For about a asteroid probe Hayabusa. —Author's comment . This is the first song in SHO's Heavy Metal Hero series.. It is based on the Japanese space probe Hayabusa, which explored the asteroid 25143 Itokawa and returned a sample to Earth. The mission lasted between 2003 and 2010

Follow us: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DragTimesInfo/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dragtimes.ru Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dragtimes_ru Inst.. Hayabusa (はやぶさ, literally, Peregrine Falcon) is the name of a Japanese spacecraft which was sent into space to collect a sample of material from a small near-Earth asteroid named 25143 Itokawa.. The mission was a project of the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science of the University of Tokyo.. Hayabusa was sent into space on May 9, 2003. In November 2005, it landed on the. Nave. Hayabusa tiña forma de caixa, cun 1,5 m de lado e 1,05 m de alto. A masa durante o lanzamento, con propelente incluído (50 kg de propelente químico e 65 kg de xenon para os motores iónicos), era de 530 kg. A enerxía era producida por dous paneis solares, que tiñan unha superficie total de 12 m 2.As comunicacións coa nave tiñan lugar principalmente a través da antena de alta. Hajabusa 2 (jap. はやぶさ; ang. Hayabusa 2, v preklade sokol) je japonská sonda agentúry JAXA, ktorá má za cieľ preskúmať asteroid 162173 Ryugu, pristáť na ňom a priniesť vzorky späť na Zem. Úlohou je priniesť nové poznatky o vývoji solárneho systému, pôvodu vody a života na Zemi Eiji Ezaki (江崎 英治, Ezaki Eiji) (29 November 1968 - 3 March 2016) was a Japanese professional wrestler.He was better known for wrestling under a mask as Hayabusa.He mainly worked for the Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling (FMW) promotion. He also wrestled for New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and in North America for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA), Consejo Mundial de Lucha.

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Description . The Suzuki Hayabusa (Japanese for Peregrine falcon - the fastest animal in the world) or the GSX1300R is a production motorcycle by Suzuki that appears in Asphalt 8: Airborne.. It is notable for being one of the fastest production bikes in the world. Asphalt 8: Airborne Summary. The Suzuki Hayabusa was added in the Motorcycles Update as a low Class S vehicle with the following. Hayabusa kan verwijzen naar: . Hayabusa (sonde), een Japanse ruimtesonde die de planetoïde Itokawa bezocht, die ook wel met Hayabusa 1 wordt aangeduid Hayabusa 2, Japanse ruimtesonde Hayabusa 2 en de opvolger van Hayabusa 1; Hayabusa, is de Japanse naam voor een slechtvalk; Nakajima Ki-43, een Japans jachtvliegtuig uit de Tweede Wereldoorlog; Suzuki GSX 1300 R, een type motorfiets van het. The Hayabusa Gauntlets are a melee weapon which strikes quickly and deals critical damage against enemies under 40% health. This effect can be particularly advantageous to speed up the last phase of bosses, which are always the hardest part of the fight. Details [edit | edit source]. Special Effects

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The Hayabusa (はやぶさ, lit. meaning Peregrine Falcon) are two specially-made Tonfa wielded by Miyagu Ketsu and are her secondary weapons to use whenever she cannot gain access to her sword. These weapons are large, but incredibly quick and easy to deal devastating combos with. Miyagu has also found a way to integrate these weapons into the Issen Stance. Appearance The Hayabusa are two. Ryu Hayabusa is the main protagonist in the Ninja Gaiden series as well as one of the four major characters in Dead or Alive series. His name is derived by two words, Ryuu (竜), which stands for Dragon and Hayabusa (隼), which stands for falcon. Ryu is the epitome of a present day ninja, his Legendary Black Falcon outfit's sleek design is similar to that of the modern special ops. Hayabusa2 là một tàu vũ trụ có nhiệm vụ lấy mẫu đất của tiểu hành tinh của Cơ quan nghiên cứu và phát triển hàng không vũ trụ Nhật Bản (JAXA). Đây là tàu vũ trụ kế tục tàu Hayabusa và giải quyết các điểm yếu được xác định trong nhiệm vụ trước đó. Hayabusa2 đã được phóng vào ngày 3 tháng 12 năm 2014. Hayabusa2 je asteroidna misija za povratak uzoraka kojom upravlja japanska svemirska agencija JAXA.Ona slijedi misiju Hayabusa koja je uzorke asteroida vratila 2010. godine. [1] Hayabusa2 lansiran je 3. decembra 2014. i imao je rendezvous sa Zemlji bliskim asteroidom 162173 Ryugu 27. juna 2018. [2] U procesu je pregledavanja asteroida godinu i po dana, nakon odlaska u decembru 2019., i. Η Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa είναι μία σπορ μοτοσικλέτα που παράγεται από την ιαπωνική βιομηχανία της Suzuki από το 1999 έως σήμερα. Κατείχε τον τίτλο της γρηγορότερης μοτοσικλέτας παραγωγής με 312 χλμ/ώρα, πριν την εισαγωγή του.

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hayabusaブランドのトップページです。 初心者でも大丈夫!動画でわかる!堤防釣り入門. 釣りを始めたいけれど何から始めればいいかわからない Hayabusa (はやぶさ, elang pengelana) adalah sebuah misi angkasa tak berawak yang dipimpin oleh Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency untuk mengambil contoh bahan dari sebuah asteroid dekat-Bumi kecil bernama 25143 Itokawa (berukuran 0,3 x 0,7 km) dan mengambalikan sampel tersebut ke Bumi untuk dianalisis.. Kapal angkasa Hayabusa, dulunya dikenal sebagai MUSES-C (ミューゼスC), diluncurkan. Moved Permanently. The document has moved here

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Hayabusa capsule Scale Model at Kobe International Conference Center 20150704.JPG 3,376 × 6,000; 3.78 MB Hayabusa hover.jpg 970 × 653; 208 KB Hayabusa Re-Entery.jpg 3,212 × 2,020; 533 K Hayabusa-luotain vastasi kooltaan henkilöautoa ja on mitoiltaan 1 x 1,6 x 2 metriä. Aurinkopaneeleineen sen maksimimitta oli 5,7 metriä. Luotaimen massa oli 510 kg. Minerva-laskeutumisalus oli kooltaan vain 10 x 12 cm, ja se painoi 591 g Hayabusa the Falcon is Shan Yu's pet and a minor antagonist from Mulan. It had its feathers burnt off by Mushu (although it survived, albeit humiliated). Hayabusa is Shan Yu's pet falcon and sidekick. The bird act as a warning signal alerting China's victims Shan Yu is near. He is shown to be similar to his master: strict, ruthless and vicious Hayabusa est la fidèle amie de Mushikai. Il s'agit en réalité de Chu, le Guerrier Canin Satomi de la loyauté. Hayabusa est la chienne de compagnie de Mushikai, le petit garçon vivant dans le village de Kamiki, elle est sa grande complice de toujours lorsqu'il s'agit de déterrer les radis du champs de la mère de Mushikai. Elle n'a d'ailleurs jamais réussi à déterrer les dix radis.

Hayabusa also has a love for sweet foods like cotton candy and is very talented at making them, as he did for the school's cultural festival. Trivia Edit. The name Shou means soar, glide (翔) Shou's surname Hayabusa means Peregrine falcon in Japanese. The number 8823 is a Japanese number wordplay, which means Hayabusa Hayabusa-kun (ハヤブサくん) is a plushy satellite toy possessed by Yuki Jojima which serves as the mascot of the Kamen Rider Club. Appearances Kamen Rider Fourz

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Hayabusa the Falcon is Shan Yu's pet and the secondary antagonist from Mulan. He had his feathers burnt off by Mushu (although he survived, albeit bare and humiliated). Hayabusa is Shan Yu's pet falcon and sidekick. The bird often acts as a warning signal alerting China's victims that Shan Yu is near. He appears to be similar to his master: strict, ruthless and vicious. He latches onto his. Statistics Hayabusa +1(Katana) All RacesDMG: 29 Delay: 185 Subtle Blow +2Lv. 71 NINDamage Per Second: 9.41TP Per Hit: 51 Other Uses Synthesis Recipes Smithing (88 /99 ), Goldsmithing ( ) Yield: Hayabusa x 1 HQ 1: Hayabusa +1 x 1 Fire Crystal 1 x Imperial Wootz Ingot 1 x Manta Leather 1 x.. Die Suzuki Hayabusa (auch als Suzuki GSX 1300 R bekannt) ist ein Sporttourer. Hayabusa ist der japanische Begriff für den Wanderfalken, einen der schnellsten Greifvögel. Das Motorrad wurde mit Hilfe des Windkanals entworfen, daher rührt das ungewöhnliche Erscheinungsbild. Es war zu seiner Einführung 1999 das erste über 300 km/h schnelle Serienmotorrad und eines der ersten, das mit.

Hayabusa 2 is a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) mission planning to rendezvous with an asteroid, land a small probe and three miniature rovers on the surface, and then return samples to Earth. Hayabusa is projected to arrive at asteroid 1999 JU3 in 2018.Launch: December 2014Operating Network: Deep Space Networ Ryu Hayabusa is the first Tecmo character to appear, and currently the only Dead or Alive character featured on the show. Ryu is the first character with another combatant of the same name ( Ryu from Street Fighter ) the other two characters that share their names are Raiden from Mortal Kombat and Raiden from Metal Gear L'armure Hayabusa fut conçue séparément du projet MJOLNIR mais y était liée. C'est en effet un think tank basé sur Terre, le RKD, qui proposa cette armure au comité de dotation de l'UNSC.[1] Outre son aspect de samouraï japonais, l'armure est conçue pour augmenter les capacités de port et de mobilité dans le vide, mais réduit en revanche la dextérité et la vitesse du porteur.

Hayabusa is the secondary antagonist of Disney's Mulan. He is Shan Yu's pet falcon. He was voiced by Frank Welker La Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa è la moto più potente della famiglia GSX-R. Hayabusa in lingua giapponese significa falco pellegrino. Questo nome è stato deciso perchè come il falco pellegrino è l'uccello più veloce del mondo (320 km/h in picchiata), l'Hayabusa è considerata la moto più veloce al mondo, con la velocità massima di 312 km/h. Tale velocità è stata ben presto fonte di. The Nakajima Ki-43-II Hayabusa (code name «Oscar»), is a single-seat monoplane fighter.It currently sits at Tier 2 in the Japanese line. The upfront cost of a Ki-43-II is 3,000. Design, Development & Operational History Edit. The single-seater Japanese Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa (Peregrine Falcon) fighter was designed to replace the Ki-27 in the Japanese Imperial Army's Air Force

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鈴木GSX1300R隼(日语: スズキ・GSX1300Rハヤブサ )乃是日本 鈴木公司自1999年起開始製造的一款高性能重型機車。 除了原本的車型代號之外,其產品別名「隼」(日语: ハヤブサ Hayabusa )也是廣為知悉的稱呼方式。 最早於1999年出產,其特殊車頭造型的概念是從一種能急速俯衝的鳥類 - 游隼,所. Ryu Hayabusa (リュウ・ハヤブサ, Ryū Hayabusa) is an original character created by Team NINJA for the Ninja Gaiden series and is the leader of the Hayabusa clan.. He made his first appearance in Koei games as a guest NPC in the PlayStation 3 port of Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce.He is one of the collaboration characters included in the Warriors Orochi series, Shin Sangoku Musou VS, and.

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Suzuki Hayabusa (GSX1300R) er en hyper-sport motorsykkel fra Suzuki.. Sykkelen ble introdusert i 1999 med en 4-takters 1299 cm³ motor med 4 sylindre, og 16 ventiler.Den ble testet gang på gang og kom ut som verdens raskeste serieproduserte motorsykkel frem til 2001 Hybusa is Shan-Yu's Falcon Roles In Sleeping Pony He played Diablo the Crow, In Pipsy White and the Seven Tekken Men He played The Raven, In The Mentor's New Groove II: Kyle's New Groove He plays The Hawk/Condor that Carries Bunny Yzma Awa Hayabusa é o Falcão de Shan Yu, muitas vez usado como espião. hayabusa é o falcão de Shan Yu, ele alerta quando os Hunos podem invadir a MUralha. Ele está sempre com Shan Yu e as suas Ordens, nos ataques, nas reuniões, na montanha ele ataca Mulan e na Cidade Proibida ele está prestes a alertar os Generais sobre Shang e Mushu o depena

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Хаябуса (яп. はやぶさ, «Сапсан», до запуска имел наименование muses-c) — космический аппарат Японского агентства аэрокосмических исследований (jaxa), предназначенный для изучения астероида Итокава и успешно доставивший. Hayabusa Shinobi Apparel is an Armor Set in Nioh . Hayabusa Shinobi Apparel stats, location, upgrades, and descriptions Hayabusa (japanski はやぶさ doslovno sivi soko), je bespilotna svemirska letjelica razvijena od strane Japanske svemirske agencije da donese uzorak sa malog asteroida, [1] sa imenom 25143 Itokawa (dimenzija 540 metara sa 270 metara sa 210 metara), na Zemlju, radi daljih analiza.. Hayabusa, prije poznat kao MUSES-C iz Mu raketne familije, lansiran je 9. maja 2003. i sreo se sa Itokawa. Hayabusa strives to influence athletes around the world to engage in combat sports to live healthier and stronger lives. We try to accomplish this by engineering the highest quality and most innovative mma products. Hayabusa is the Japanese word, for the Peregrine Falcon. This has remained an inspiration of our company Hayabusa2 (Ha-iá-bú-sah jī) sī Ji̍t-pún thài-khong ki-koan JAXA ūn-choán ê sió-he̍k-chheⁿ sém-pho͘h siu-chi̍p jīm-bū, sī chá-chêng Hayabusa jīm-bū ê kái-liông. Hayabusa2 tī 2014 nî 12 goe̍h 3 ji̍t chhut-hoat, 2018 nî 6 goe̍h 27 kap sió-he̍k-chheⁿ 162173 Ryugu hōe-ha̍p.Chiàu kè-ōe, ài tī 2019 nî 12 goe̍h lî-khui thàm-chhâ bo̍k-phiau, 2020 nî. Hayabusa (Japonca: はやぶさ) veya MUSES-C (Mu Space Engineering Spacecraft C), Japonya Uzay Araştırma Ajansı (JAXA) tarafından geliştirilen bir uzay sondasıdır. 25143 Itokawa asteroidinden araştırma amaçlı bir örnek toplamak üzere tasarlanmıştır. 9 Mayıs 2003 tarihinde Uchinoura Uzay Merkezi'nden fırlatılmış olup Kasım 2005 tarihinde Itokawa yörüngesine girdi

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